At the end of March, I sold every piece of sewing equipment I had, down to the snips, everything I had built with sewing lessons, my bridal business and costume business was gone. Over 10 years finished. I sat down to book my flight home to Perth, which was going into lockdown in 24 hours. I was leaving everyone I knew and loved, to head home to family, after losing all my income, and ability to survive – pay for rent & food. As I got out my bank card to book the flight I found, my phone rang, from my old boss. He offered me my old job back, where I could work from home (non-sewing related).

I nearly choked on emotions and timing, I explained I was just about to leave Sydney, but took up the offer, as ANY work was not going to be turned down when you loose everything. He emailed me the software, and within minutes, I had work again. But no sewing at all. Weird, I thought. I’ve just become my customers.

So many people I’ve taught, have NEVER used a sewing machine, or been to a sewing store, and usually have a non-sewing related job 9am-5pm. I always knew, if people knew how to do it, they would just do it. And now I’m in that position. I have nothing sewing related at home, I have a limited income, therefore, can’t afford to just go out and buy everything to set up a perfect workroom. Plus I also have limited time now, as my 9-5 is also consumed by something I have to do to survive. But I’ve been here before, when I first moved to Sydney in 2009, with $150, no job, and pre-paid for 2 weeks in a cheap backpackers in Kings Cross – livin’ the dream! I’ve grown up in a family of poverty, with a very negative attitude about money and anyone wealthy. Yet, I managed to get a job (paid $13/hr), and within a few months, was living in a cheap rent, in the wealthiest suburb in the country. Then within a couple of years, I was working some better paying jobs, and building a couple of businesses, then ended up with a wedding store in North Sydney paying staff! All from a teeny tiny budget, without a partner supporting financially either (miracles do happen ha). I’ve been able to share my industry knowledge with many others during sewing lessons, and assist them with small business questions, as we all have our limitations, and sometimes just need a bit of help. Regardless of talents & circumstance.


So if all the odds are against you, not just during Covid, but before, and now going into a new economic state, follow me as I try to show even in the struggle, a tiny bit of action each day could put you where you want to be.


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