Fabrics & Tools

Here are some essentials for your sewing toolkit:

  • Pins – best ones are glass heads, as they won’t burn if you accidentlly iron over them. But pearl heads are good, avoid the metal ones without the coloured heads. They just hurt.
  • Scissors – The best are ones with length, soft handle and you can re-sharpen. Plus have a separate pair for cutting anything but fabric. Blunt scissors will make you cry. Avoid crying.
  • Tape Measure – absolutely everything involved with sewing, involves measuring, and quite often, measuring twice. But if you’ve purchased a cheap one, double check it’s measurements, as I’ve definitely suffered mass confusion when a tape measure was incorrect. Can’t even deal.
  • Tailor’s Chalk – this is special chalk which can write on fabric, as it comes off easily, but always test your fabric, because you should just get into a practice of testing everything. It will always save you. But don’t purchase the pencils, they end up being a headache, in both fashion & costume industry we use chalk pieces – quicker & easier.
  • Openings – Zippers, Buttons, Press Studs, Hook & Bars
  • Threads – click this link